COLLAGES, a selection
Constructions of brightly-colored pre-coated paper, almost like sculpture flattened into layers. Although the material is thin and light, the process is physical: cutting, tearing, layering, building, wrecking, rebuilding. Orderly disorder.


Collages – dimensions

Either/Or 27½” x 19½”
Slats 28” x 19½”
Red Shift 28½” x 27½”
Fatted Calf 27½” x 39.3”
Sporadic Bliss 27½” x 19½”
Rifts 46¼” x 27½”
Oasis 34” x 19½”
Argyle 27½” x 19½”

Sculpture – dimensions, details

Hot Lips
Red plexiglass
66”w x 20”h x 23”d

70”h x 23”w x 19”deep

Split Shift
Stainless Steel
5’ x 5’x 2’

Canvas, acrylic paint, plywood, aluminum